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Did you know that Ransomware is the single biggest threat to business in the internet age?

  • What would you do if you were locked out from accessing your own information?
  • What would happen if your information is made public or sold?
  • How much would you be prepared to pay to keep your business out of harm’s way?
  • Does your antivirus supplier have a guarantee against ransomware?
  • Does your antivirus supplier send you automated alerts when your computer or server is under threat?
  • Does your antivirus supplier respond when your computer or server is under attack?
  • Can your antivirus stop unknown and sophisticated threats dead in their tracks?
  • Do you receive monthly reports detailing the number of threats you were protected against?
  • Does your antivirus prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats immediately?

If you have answered no to any of the above questions, you are not fully protected!

Hackers are using various methods daily to extort money which could cripple your business. They encrypt your information, deny you access and threaten to make your confidential information public. This is where bitcoins becomes the preferred method of payment as it is anonymous and easily tradeable. It is only when you have made payment will you have access to your valuable information.

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Doug Shean Senior Vice President, Citibank

"SentinelOne is bringing true innovation to endpoint protection. I am continuously on the lookout for advanced IT security technologies. Their ability to replace aging signature-based antivirus with dynamic execution inspection that can detect and protect against advanced malware and zero day threats represents a major advancement for endpoint security."

Peter Firstbrook Analyst, Gartner

“AV-Test is a good indicator of how a antimalware system will block threats. SentineOne did very well considering they don’t use any signatures, just behavior blocking.  So yes I would say that it qualifies as a replacement for existing AV which is significant because very few other new antimalware solutions have taken this step (being tested) or would even claim to replace current AV solutions."

Ben Carr Director of Information Security, VISA

“Protecting endpoint devices from increasingly sophisticated threats is a critical point of focus, since many of these can now bypass traditional signature-based security approaches. I am really impressed with SentinelOne’s ability to monitor all processes on a device, whether it is on or off the corporate network, and detect malware based on its behavior. I believe this new model is needed to protect against advanced malware that is invisible to outdated antivirus systems.”

How do we compare?


  SentinelOne EPP Legacy Antivirus+ Add-on tools Next-gen Antivirus Endpoint Protection & Response
Advanced signature-less prevention

Behavior-based detection

Machine learning

Policy-driven mitigation and remediation

Detailed forensics

Next-gen protection for Windows, OS X and Linux

Cyber Intelligent Systems monitoring and response

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